For Reporters and Bloggers: How can we leverage this story and train our staff.


“How can I get training for me and my staff before we meet?”

Join the contest Social Community: and Join the Press Group to help with communications

There is complete training available and a sample of “I am Africa, This is my story…” YouTube story telling contest. As many of you know this is not only a story about how Africa youth can bypass International press with their own hard working stories, but it is also a challenge to your young press staff to tell their own stories.

How do we get trained?

  • Prior to my arrival for workshop training in Lusaka and Lesotho you can do the following by downloading the following guides. Here are the links.
  • Download a Guide for how to tell a digital story on YouTube? On the Training>Curriculum  Page Download:
  • How to TELL a Great Digital Story - I am Africa This is my story by Chrysalis Campaign Inc.docx
  • Download a Guide for how to produce a digital story on you tube? On the Training>Curriculum  Page Download:
  • How to PRODUCE a digital story on YouTube PDF Black and White
  • Watch the sample YouTube form Jacob Atem one of the Lost Boys of the Sudan from the documentary of  “God Grew Tired of US” at

Our press group would like to proactive promote this contest. What can we do?

This would be great. Download the “Marketing Field Guide” for tips on how to do this and contact Richard through the Social Community. Depending on your efforts we will make your organization a sponsor of the program.

Where are all the YouTubes?

There are youth producing stories now and we expect them up in the end of March. We are in pre-launch training phase.

Will you do special training to groups or online?

Yes. If you have bandwidth we can do online. We are seeking funding to help do more on the ground training in other countries in more difficult zones; Southern Sudan, Nigeria Delta Kenya Rift Valley, Uganda and Rwanda.

How did this started?

This is a grass roots program with tiny amount of money from UNESCO Power of Peace Network. It started form a discussion with Wandila Simon Kamukwape, Youth Action Group in Zambia about how the world has a false impression of African youth and why such amazing country and you should be invested in. That we should not all Africa to turn into slave labor. We want African youth to encourage one another of the possibilities with their innovation, spirit and resilient drive. We have a few volunteers and partners helping us. But desperately need paying sponsors to reach more countries.

How will the contest work?

Youth will upload the YouTube story and place “i-am-the-story” in the Tag field

What is Shout Out creative award?

Shout out is an award that can go to the best music video of Poetry Slam. We are very excited to see what happens with this.

Does everything have to be positive?

We expect that this will be seen in the middle schools and bad language will be excluded from the site. This is not censorship in our view. Youth can use these same materials to do Rants or highly charged political statements on the YouTube. This is the awesome freedom of the web.

What about religious testimonies.

Africa is deep in many religions and they play core reasons for encouragement and turning lives around. Testimony story telling is a part of the Christian faith and natural for them to do, however we look for people that will reach out to Muslin, Hindus and other religious communities.

When does voting start?

Voting starts on the YouTube Channel on July 4th and ends September 1st. Awards will be Laptop computers.

What is the certification training program about?

We want ICTs, Telecentres and CyberCafe’s to reachout to youth and compete. However the contest is designed to give everyone bragging rights. Everyone who posts and YouTube story to the contest guide lines will be emailed a “I am Africa. This is my story… Certified StoryTeller” certificate. Everyone who helps a Story Teller get online becomes a “I am Africa. This is my story…Certified CyberGuide.” When a school, Telecentre or CyberCafe help a story telled get their YouTube produced and up Loaded they become a “I am Africa. This is my story… Certified CyberGuide Training Center.”

Why go to all this effort?

There are many reasons. Youth have the right and need to be empowered to speak out. Youth also need to see that we have to work together to succeed. We need those who are succeful to share and reachout to those who want to transform their life.

How did this start?

“While Richard Close working in Zambia and Kenya creating photo books, leadership training and ministry he was repeatedly asked by local youth to tell their story to America. There are to many wonderful stories to tell and way too many people to tell them to. Why not empower all Africa’s youth to tell their own story?”


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