Isaro Foundation, a non-profit organization which is determined to improve the culture of reading and writing within the future Rwandan society is pleased to present you this quarterly newsletter.


Isaro Foundation comes about this issue by distributing books, but most importantly it is helping Rwandan young writers to publish their books. This is a growing organization that is clearly showing signs of a greater purpose and success. For the last 4 months, diverse people have been involved in the better functioning of this organization: College students (Both in Rwanda, the USA, Europe, and some African countries). USA Colleges that have been involved: Millsaps College in Mississippi and Oklahoma Christian University. In addition, some American Universities Professors are also involved


Furthermore, some senior officers in the Rwandan government have shown great appreciations to what Isaro Foundation is doing. The Rwandan Minister of Education, the minister of youth, the Rwandan ambassador to Japan, the Rwandan embassy to the USA, the President of the Rwandan Diaspora Global Network and other Rwandan leaders have directly expressed their appreciations to Isaro Foundation.  


Plus, there are many Rwandan artists that have been involved with the ongoing of Isaro foundation: singers and writers. On the other hand, this project has also reached churches that are directly involved in Rwandan education. Churches have a big impact on Rwandan education.


Isaro Foundation has already established partnerships with other organizations that are mostly involved in education. Some of the organizations that we work with are: Power of the Pen based in the United States, “I’m Africa this is my story” based in the United States, Rwanda Diaspora Global Network, the Rwandan ministry of education, Rwanda Education Board and High school Review, a Rwanda based organization. 


Isaro foundation is involved in many activities. This organization has accomplished many projects and activities. In addition, it keeps making aware of its objectives around Rwanda and the USA. Moreover, Isaro Foundation is planning on accomplishing more projects in the future. 




Registration in the USA


After a long time after the foundation of the organization, we, finally, are registered in the United States of America. This is a privilege to the organization because now our activities are legally accepted in the United States. We will be able to receive donations. This registration has brought recognition of Isaro as a Non-Governmental organization.


Book drive in Connecticut State (USA)


Isaro Foundation volunteers Kevin, Wesley, and Clara Blackwell recently conducted a book donation drive as part of the local Girl Scouts of America "World Thinking Day" event in Redding, Connecticut USA.


Seven year old Clara Blackwell, a member of Girls Scouts of Connecticut Troop 50804 in Redding, led the effort which resulted in the collection of more than 250 text, children’s and reference books. These books will add to the growing number of valuable volumes on their way Rwanda through Isaro Foundation’s youth literacy programs.



Book drive at Oklahoma Christian University(Edmond)


On March 26th, our chapter in Oklahoma organized a book drive in Oklahoma Christian University (OCU). Mostly, the purpose of this book drive was collecting books from OCU students and friends. The book collection at OCU made the foundation collect over 2000 books.These books will be shipped to Rwanda in May and distributed to schools in June of this year.


Dr. Omo-Bare from the USA visited Isaro Foundation Rwanda


Dr Iren Omo-Bare is a professor of Politics at Millsaps College, Mississippi. On March 17th, he visited Isaro Foundation in Rwanda in a one week visit. He thanked Isaro Foundation for its objectives and accomplishments. Dr. Omo-Bare also visited some schools and encourages students to be initiated to the reading and writing culture. 



Website renewal and translation


After being thought through and after pulling resources, and through the courage of some members, Isaro foundation finally put to the completion the new website. This is not only a success of Isaro Foundation but it is a beneficial step that will help Rwandan students to read for themselves online. Through the new website, students can open Isaro Foundation accounts and use them to submit their writings for Isaro Edition for review and edition. On this new website students will be able to find interesting readings and read them online. The new website has also provided other great features for everyone, online donations are now possible and safe, the administration email accounts are active and the social media is live. Now this website is easily accessible to everyone. Check and visit our new website  


We know all Rwandan students do not have access to internet, the reason why we are starting the publication of a Magazine very soon. Isaro Edition has already started studying the process. 




National reading and writing competition


On December 21st, our CEO met with the Rwandan minister of Education. From that meeting, the ministry of education and Isaro Foundation agreed on organizing a national reading and writing competition. This competition will be completed progressively and with elimination and qualification criteria. It will start at the school level, go to the sector level, district level, provincial level, and finally to the national level. Participants, especially the winners will receive precious prizes that will incite them them develop their talent in writing and reading.


We are still organizing the competition with the Ministry of Education and Rwanda Education Board. We hope to launch the competition as soon as we hear from Rwanda Education Board. 


Launching the E-Library in Bigogwe


Ken Blackwell, our chairman, and his group of almost 10 Americans are coming to Rwanda on July 3rd. During this visit, in partnership with them, we will start an e-library in Bigogwe. We will install around 80 candles that will have hundreds of books each. 


We have started thinking about easiest ways to help Rwandan students have a free access to books, using candles is one of the ways that we are looking into. Text books are sometimes expensive to buy and extremely expensive to ship. 


Power of Pen coming to Rwanda


On July 14th, Power of pen is coming to Rwanda where they will evaluate Rwandan students in the discipline of reading and writing. In addition, they will train Rwandan teachers on how to improve reading and writing skills among students. This is a great opportunity that we are offering to Rwandan students and teachers. 


Reading and writing week


This summer during the month of June, Isaro foundation is preparing a reading and writing week. This week is being prepared with students studying the USA helped by their counterparts in Rwanda and Isaro Foundation members. This week will aim at creating reading and writing clubs, connected to Isaro Foundation among schools. This week has the objective to encourage students to be involved and to incorporate in themselves the culture of reading and writing. This week will be necessary for the improvement of reading and writing skills among Rwandan future generation.


Sending 15,000 Books to Rwanda


We are sending a container of around 15,000 books to Rwanda. The projected time of arrival of this container is midi - September. We are still fund-raising the money to ship these books. These books will be given to Rwandan schools and students. To participate in the fundraising, please click here . 




In reality, Isaro Foundation would not succeed if one of our members was missing. We work like a team and we clearly have a focus, motivation and purpose: we all have in common the knowledge that Rwanda is going to develop only if Rwandans themselves take the first step to doing it. Most importantly, we understand that reading and writing are the best devices, the most prominent, the most effective and accurate weapons against poverty. 


We thank each and every one who was, is and is going to be involved in the well-being of Isaro Foundation in the future. We also thank everyone who wishes to participate but cannot because of different impediments. 


We invite you to, in your means and availability, to help us move forward. We want Rwandan students to "Read to grow and write to be understood"


PS: Attached are some of the pictures of our activities. 



Our Kind Appreciations!



Rugema N. Yvon 

Secretary - Executive Committee

Isaro Foundation


"Read to grow and write to be understood" 

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