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Broken Glass

There was a glass that my mom liked so much. 
Everybody in the house respected it as much as she did. 
It was the most precious, 
The most beautiful and the most classic. 
Every time my mom reached at home, 
She would check on it. 

One time she asked me to clean all the other glasses,
And I took them to kitchen to clean them.
The glass slipped from me and broke into many pieces.
It was the worst nightmare I ever had.

When mom showed up,
I was very afraid to tell her, 
Tell her, 
About what happened to the glass she liked.
Then she asked me, “are you done kid?”
I did not reply.
She read it from tears in my eyes.
She stepped back away from me,
She left me doing nothing but dropping tears.

Then I called, “mom.” 
She looked behind,
I tried to explain that it was an accident, 
But she didn’t want to listen to what I was saying. 
Then I cried and cried. 
I cried begging for her to understand
And she left the place without spelling any word.

I ran after her, 
I took her hand and screamed, “I am so sorry mom.
I didn’t mean to hurt you, 
I am begging you forgive me.”
She moved her hand against mine, 
And she kept moving away.
But as time went by, the anger reduced.
Then she called me.
She told me this:
You are more precious than the glass; 
You are more beautiful than the glass,
And you are more classic to me than the glass.
Whatever errors you made,
You stay the blood from my blood.

There is nothing that can stop a mother from loving her child.
Hurricanes, winds, 
Water or any bad event can shake it.
But one thing is real and sure:A MOTHER’S LOVE SHALL NEVER DIE!!!
Then I shouted: I LOVE YOU BACK MOM.

By Yvanie Kamikazi - Lycee Notre Dame de Citeaux

Let Bygones Be Bygones!

Everyday news of war in Africa. 
Where are we going? 
All of us are reaching for the world we call ELDORADO. 
Forget what we saw before whose benefit to live incognito? 
Who is willing to put to death his older son? 
People are killing each other, 
Though we are the ones to live together in micorazon! 

Come ladies and gentlemen together, 
Move with me. 
We share one love unless the weather plays jealous. 
Here we go! 
We are never going to stop. 

Clap your hands, your feet, your body, 
Let everybody put their hands up. 
We sweat, we laugh. 
No hate, no more Tommy G.I. 
Drop your Kalashnikov. 

For my old haters GBU! 
One day I know we will make peace... 
I hug you not with a humbug embrace, 
I hug u with a holy kiss!! 

More beautiful girls than MONALISA, 
We dance within rhythm of salsa and they like it as we like it. 
Coz today we going to show the world
That we can stop to shed blood... 

My brother comes to wipe the tear off. 
Will you be there too? 
Sons and daughter of EVE and ADAM! 
We still believe it, 
We will achieve it! 

It’s enough to break our BONES! 

By Yvanie Kamikazi - Lycee Notre Dame de Citeaux

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