Proposal to research the impact of values on learning with people of trauma

We are engaging with the Lost Boys of Sudan on a greatly needed piece of research on the Value of Values Program that empowers an individual to survive and then thrive after war and trauma.

The Presentation on the Value of Value was given at the 2014 Global Education Conference.

The Value of Values - 2014 webinar Global Education Conference from chrysaliscamp on Vimeo.


Values has been a taboo research topic because of its affiliation with religion. We feel this is a mistake of the research and learning communities. Values are learned from every aspect of our lives: family, culture business, friends, games, media and sports. They are motivators and filters on how we learn, what we refuse to learn, why we give up, and how we survive the impossible.


While much research mentions values vaguely (such as in Transformative Learning Theory), they are poorly defined, elusive and not measurable. Our research tells us they are highly definable, measurable and critical to both recovery and strengthening of the personality when entering into crisis.


The traumatic experience of the Lost Boys of South Sudan provides a research base of youth that went through the genocide of South Sudan, revolution of Ethiopia, starvation in Kenya refugee camps and then the racism of US school system to succeed. Of the 2,000 Lost Boys, many have done exceptionally well. Qualitative and quantitative research will not only provide a model for evaluating value systems, but also a long-term model of services we can provide to survivors, such as counseling and mentoring.


Our goal is to not just provide another piece of shelf ware paper, but to empower the world health/education community with a free testing model and online curriculum to help NGOs, schools and individuals who support those who suffer from trauma, including PTS, abuse and drug addiction.


Below is a link to our proposal for a one-year study teaming up Jacob and Linda Atem's (both from South Sudan genocide) South Sudan Health Organization. Linda has her Masters in Health Science and Jacob is finishing his PhD in Health Sciences at Florida University.


If you could place this email and proposal request in the right hands, we would be grateful. This highly relevant piece of research is critical to many practitioners and victims of trauma. It is hard to believe that when a young adult is failing and folds their arms in front of a counselor stating, “I don’t care,” We need analytical tools that can help people identify values and then alter them for the purpose of transformation and survival.

 Download Proposal the Values of Values.pdf

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