Why Storytelling?

Think of the great stories you have heard in your life. Some may be from an expensive Hollywood movie or a TV show. The best ones are when someone you know opens their heart and tells you about their life. It is sharing something important with a friend, it is personal and real.

  • When great stories come from the heart and soul, something inside of us changes.
  • Great stories also seem to be about someone overcoming the odds of failure and oppression to build something positive and new.
  • When we hear a great story we secretly cheer the story teller on; we honor what they have done.


For StoryTellers

Download MS Word Workbook on how to write and direct and digital story on YouTube.:

How to Tell a Digital Story on YouTube by Chrysalis Campaign - DOC. 

How to Tell a Digital Story on YouTube by Chrysalis Campaign.pdf





For CyberGuide

Download PowerPoint Presentations for the class or tutoring. 

How to tell a Digital Story on YouTube - PowerPoint - pdf


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