It is your chance to tell the world the truth about Africa's Youth

"I am Africa. This is my story..." all started with conversation with Wandila Simon Kamukwape of Zambia's Youth Action Forum for Networking(YAFNET) and Dean Mulozi of Southern Africa Telecentre Network. On Skype we talked about the millions of youth in Africa doing remarkable work were not having a voice. At the same time the adults and organization that have been helping them have not had thier story told.







Your chance to by pass the international press

.Press seems to cover the tradegies and not the hardworking success. We felt both African Youth and the people that help needed a global way to tell their stories. We need a way to come togther and encourage all of African Youth to build a new future

We believe in you

So we brought our case to UNESCO Power of Peace Network and they were enthusatic and provided a small amount of seed funds to get started. 

So now it is up to Africa Youth to tell your stories.




We built an entire African Youth community that any person, tribe or NGO can use

We have built an Africa wide social network, YouTube channel, Facebook community, twitter communications.  

On this site you have:

  • Free downloadable brochure to help you acquire help get resources
  • Free Training materials and get certificates
  • Free downloadable video editing software
  • Free downloadable audio editing software
  • You can upload your movies from your cell phone 
  • You network and learn from your brothers and sisters
  • You and the world will vote on your videos
  • And it is all FREE


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this is the opportunity to expose our culture and how we think as proudly a mosotho.but i aint happy,i just have to correct the political system and the behavior of the elites. The politicians and leaders we have here in lesotho are hypocrites.



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