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Tips on how to interview people about their stories:

This is the student sheet  handout in the workshop. It is very simple and keeps them on target.

Basicall the student with the interview sheet stands over the shoulder of the camera.

In the the Lusaka videos one student acted like a news reporter and steals the scene. If was funny a great in some aspects. However he is a distraction.

In some cases the students want to redo the questions or ask new ones. This has two problems. The team has and internal debate on the questions which interrupts the recordings. The result is the recording do not get finished. The second problem is that students that like to gossip think they are a reporter begin to probe the storyteller in private areas. This shuts them up and often yields material you cannot use or the storytelling asking for the recording to be deleted.


Best to tell them to stick to the questions and let the storyteller answer it any way they want.


You need to remind students several times about not naming names of people who might be associate with criminal activity or abuse. Abuse is very common and it may be ok to say there was abuse growing up but not to name a parent or relative by name. And never with graphic detail. When we give thanks at the end we name people and organizations.


Also remind the students that we are doing this to ENCOURAGE other students to keep on pressing on. That even though life can be difficult it is not impossible to achieve in a ethical way.


A couple a key things about filming.

  • Digital camera work fine in the shade outside and people eyes open up
  • Have the sun not to you back filming and to the side
  • Encourage shy people to try and then they can delete if they want
  • Look through the screen and have them move in so the face fills up the screen
  • When filming outside stay away from noise like busy roads or team to close to one another
  • Be careful when giving instruction your voice is not picked up someone else recording
  • Be light and have fun. There are no winners or loosers… everyone wins


This is the Have fun part of the workshop. 


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