In this forum will be the training materials for the "I am Africa. This is my story..." Training the trainer workshop run by Organisation of African Youth - Cameroon



You must attend both the Train-the-Trainer and Student session and successfully complete and upload your own "I am Africa. This is my story..." YouTube according to the campaign guidelines.


Class Presentation Materials

PowerPoint for the Train-the-Trainer Sesson.


PowerPoint of the student session: 

"Inevitable Impact of Internet on African"


Introduction Movie to "I am Africa. This is my story..." 


Class Student Training Guides

  • The "How to TELL a YouTube Digital Story" guide can also be downloaded in a Word format for you to edit and also use the storyboard templates in the back of the guide.
  • The "How to PRODUCE a YouTube Digital Story" guide will also take you step-by-step through the production on a digital story on YouTube including the contest upload process. Please note the YouTube tutorial in this document.

Download Student Training Guides

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