Can you help us with a grass roots program to educate Uganda teachers on how to leverage the Internet for content from the Internet and empower their students with global resources? 

Please help provide access to these webinars to local teachers in your home and organizations.

We could use you help in a grass roots effort to educate Uganda teachers on to leverage the Internet for no cost education content and collaboration resources. It also explains how the Internet empowers poverty to bypass tradional colonial and tribal restriction for community development. These webinars were originally delivered in Uganda in August 2012 with high ratings..

Here is how you can help, locate your local teachers and help make access to this webinar possible. We will lunch this live from the Global Education Conference and provide a social community they can use for resources.

There no cost for any of this. This event is the expanding of our support of Pastor Hassan Mubiru who is supervising about 1,000 Ugandan churches, schools and orphanages. We are also grateful for the support the Global Education Conference educators who will also participate live during their conference.

Please register for the events at We will forward the webinar links to you 48 hours before the webinars. You can see a preview of some of the content in Slideshare.

Even you can invite them into your living room or huddle around a PC in a Cyber Café.

You can reach use directly with question at or SKYPE @richardcclose.

Global Education Conference WEBINARS:

 “How to Teach With Internet Resources and Collaboration for Job Cr...

To register in the right time zone. Goto the middle of the conference schedule page:


NOTE: The webinar link to the webinar will be posted the day before the event.


Description: Based on questions for a Uganda Youth digital literacy program. This will be a live professional services session teaching Ugandan and Kenyan teachers three principles of web 20 in education. First how cell and web technology have change competencies of African youth. Second, simple methods and tricks for how to include Internet resources into the classroom. Third is how to integrate digital literacy into the business and agriculture industries.

It will address a revised curriculum strategy of educating youth to create and expand new jobs while in school rather that graduate them into jobs that are not there.

WEBINAR: “Community Development Digital Literacy for Local Communit...  A Global Education Conference live session

 To register in the right time zone. Goto the middle of the conference schedule page:   
NOTE: The link to the webinar will be posted the day before the event.

Description: This webinar will provide African community leaders with a detailed understanding of the Internet has changed African Youth, brake the chains of colonialism and empower African business/farming.

Uganda sponsor: Disciples Christian Fellowship Uganda NGO that leverages small local churches and school for public education. 


Presentations Global Learning Framework PowerPoint:

Nigeria Community Development through Digital Literacy in Education and Agriculture:

Uganda Community Development through Digital Literacy in business:

Additional Resources:

YouTube “I am Africa. This is my story….” UNESCO PPN Seeded YouTube digital storytelling channel:

Papers and Training Guides Scribed: 

Education Network Community:

Storytelling Network Community:

Join Us:

We encourage you to join our educational communities and our UNESCO PPN seeded digital storytelling site

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