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The Journalism Program

This program consists of two parts First is the Ning community for Journalists and student to collaborate and share ideas. The second is courses to upgrade aspiring journalists skills.

Learning Story-Based Investigative Journalism

This is deep dive into Investigative Journalism with a 9 module course based on the UNESCO book “Subject-Based Inquiry  A manual for investigative journalists” by Mark Lee Hunter.

The course digs deep into the decisions, methods, and life of being an investigative journalist. While we do not believe everyone taking this course would become a journalist the development of an inquiry-based mind is a key skill to develop in any field of science, agriculture of social development. The course goes beyond methods of inquiry into how to manage, document and interact with sources of information. Highly transferable and sustainable life skills. Learning how to seek out and analyze the truth in a story is essential to global survival and development.

In addition to the Mark Lee Hunter’s content, the course taps into content from New York Times, Public Broadcasting System (US), BBC and Al Jazeera. 

Three Ways to learn

  1. Online eLearning Course (High Bandwith LMS)
  2. Classroom - Workshop Curriculum (Curriculum download)
  3. Online YouTube Course Videos ( Under development)

3 Minute Overview of Online Version.


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