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About Chrysalis Campaign. Inc.

Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. is a non-stock holding Incorporation in Connecticut, USA. We are applying for 501 C3 statuses with the US IRS. All sponsorship fees will NOT be considered tax deductible until 501 C3 is granted. Funding of larger projects such Community Learning Center and CyberYouth Days can be donated to partner NGOs

What we do

Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. Leverages learning methods and technology to transform people lives. In 2003 a group of women in a small bush village asked Richard if he would tell their story of who they are. This came from the experience of missioners not really understand the lives of poor African. From that request evolved 8,000 photographs, videos and three donation books for NGOs who transform poverty. After returning to the US it became apparent that the learning/education experiences of entitlement and poverty are almost polar opposites and the reason why many poverty programs fail. It also the reason why emersion learning, such Canada's Harlem Children Center work.

In 2010 UNESCO awarded a small grant to develop and test this "I am Africa. This is my Story..." program. 

Chrysalis Campaign has engaged in a number of transformation projects such as learning centers for the Bridgeport Rescue Mission including a collaborative life skill curriculum for homeless women called "Discover Your Gifts."

From 2003 to present the Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. has developed and published f

our transformation learning methods and techniques: The Global Learning Fr

amework, Personal Learning Framework, Transformation Learning Framework. These have been published in multiple Journals, conferences, and articles. Richard's Linkedin community exceeds 10,000 with Slideshare presentations view of 40,000 times. 

"I am Africa. This is my story.." YouTube channel and Social Network

"I am Africa. This is my story..."  Is an educational workshop, certification program and social network developed by seed funds from UNESCO Power of Peace Network.

Program review

I am Africa This is my Story Overview

2011 Sponsor "I am Africa. This is my story..." African youth life stories on YouTube.

We are looking to return to Africa's universities and schools to deliver more workshops and events call CyberYouth Day. 

Latest Project: Somaliland -Somali Youth Journalism Program is seeking a grant.

Program sponsorship funds are made to:

Chrysalis Campaign, Inc.
Dade City, Fl 33523



Twitter: @richardcclose


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