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To give youth a voice. To demonstrate that life has mean and is always worth saving.

Two Campaigns 

Originally in 2010 UNESCO Power of Peace Network provided seed funding to give African youth a platform and training to tell their life story. We develop a simple interview digital storytelling workshop that in a 1/2 day students could tell their life story, record it and publish in the YouTube channel. Based on conversations with addition youth groups we have upgrade this Community Learning System to launch and Journalism digital storytelling portal to train youth about story telling based the UN's 31 human rights.


"I am Africa. This is my story..." Self Expression Testimonies

This original format of digital storytelling is very familiar to any youth with and cell phone. Using only three people: one person asks questions, One records and the third answers questions about their life. The interview is positive and reflective of how far the youth has come, were they hope to go and a chance to say thanks to those who helped along the way.

Our experience in the workshops in Zambia and Lesotho is that these were easy to produce and highly inspirational to the students. Please read the download guide with this campaign. They filled with important lessons learned. Case in point (to protect privacy yet provide the experience of publishing) a student can do a recording watch it and delete it. 

Steps to get started.

  •  Download the "I am Africa" Guide
  •  View previous student YouTubes
  •  Join this community and set up your personal page. They set up a group for  your school or NGO
  •  Download training materials
  •  Post videos on Youtube and link in site
  •   Have student view one another Videos and comment on them

"I am the Story..."Youth Empowerment for Educators and Youth Group Leaders

This campaign offers youth a community, training and tools to introduce youth to digital storytelling. Again using only cell phone recordings and free media editing software iMovie or MS Movie the team makes a short interview of the the story of their lives. 

This Campaign is also designed to be a professional services tool for educators and NGO leaders on learning theory and social development. Workshops for educator can be arranged with your school or NGO prior to launching the "I am the story..." journalism workshop.

Note: This program is designed for any country.

To launch this program educators and youth groups a free way to:

  • Setup you personal and group pages, with your brand.
  • Use digital storytelling guides, youtube and curriculum
  • Leverage the program for Project Based Learning Internet literacy
  • Train students in either Apple iMovie or MS Moviemaker 
  • provide quality mentoring time for students during the project
  • Post student promos on YouTube then link into this Ning
  • Have students comment on one another projects
  • Addition support with webinars and workshops



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