Free Training Tool Kit

"I am Africa. This is my story..."
Training Tool Kit

The "I am Africa. This is my story..." Training Tool Kit contains training guides, lecture PowerPoints and student interview sheets. All are free downloads, thanks to the seed funding from UNESCO Power of Peace Network.

The Training Tool Kit also have everything you need for your organization to become a certified Training Center.


Training Materials

We will continue to expand our training materials over time.

  • To get started, download the two guides on how to tell and produce simple digital stories for YouTube. Whether you are doing this alone or working with a group, these materials will help you develop and tell a great digital story for all the world to see.
  • The "How to TELL a YouTube Digital Story" guide can also be downloaded in a Word format for you to edit and also use the storyboard templates in the back of the guide.
  • The "How to PRODUCE a YouTube Digital Story" guide will also take you step-by-step through the production on a digital story on YouTube including the contest upload process. Please note the YouTube tutorial in this document.
  • Please also note that this site has a  "Forum" that requests you to add your recommendations on the telling and producing of digital stories.

Digital Storytelling Guides

Take the Workshop Webinar

Note: For organizations that are becoming certified "I am Africa. This is my story..." Training Centers we will email mail you the Workshop PowerPoints for your training programs.

Goto Recorded Webinar: "Inevitable Impact of the Internet on African Youth"


Sample YouTube Digital Stories:


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