Training - Autobiogrpahical Interview

"I am Africa, This is my story..."
Autobiographical Interview Overview

Quickstart Student Sheet

Download Quickstart Student Get Started Sheet.pdf

Step 1 Download Student Quickstart Guide

Download Quickstart Student Get Started Sheet.pdf

Step 2. Download Digital Storytelling Guides

Step 3. Learn: Download Training Materials

The “I am Africa. This is my story…” Interview course was designed so that anyone with minimal cell phone level skill could quickly create a news style interview story about a person’s life. It takes about an hour to go through the PowerPoint training. To do the interview one person holds the camera, another asks seven simple questions and a third is interviewed. Download PowerPoint training materials from Slideshare below:

For a thin PDF download version (without animation)

    Course 101 How to create a Digital Autobiographical Story  PDF 12 MB

For a full Powerpoint download version (with animation)

   Course 101 How to Create a Digital Autobiographical Story PowerPoint 9.6 MB

Step 4. Three Course Options: eLearning, YouTube or Powerpoint

A. eLearning on Schoology

Step 1 Register with Schoology.

  2. On Menu bar click Sign Up
  3. Select student and fill short form

Your "access code" for the Journalism course is:  JZWZ2-S9PF5

  1. Verify your email with Schoology
  2. Wait for your acceptance from you instructor (Sooner than 24 hrs)

When approved log back in using: log back in use

Shoology help:

B. Watch 30 Minute YouTube Courses

C. Classroom Curriculum Powerpoint Download from Slideshare

Step 5. Publish: Video and/or Articles

The training guides will explain how to both publish your videos on YouTube and the embed them into the community site. We will place the on the community YouTube channels. Written articles can be either blog in the community or linked from another site into the community. You can easily hyperlink for our site into Twitter and Facebook. Advanced college level could be linked from or Vimeo.


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