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We are receiving a number of requests from organizations about how to promote their organization and partner with The UNESCO Power of Peace Network sponsored digital storytelling contest “I am Africa, this is my story…” These Q&As will provide information and links for individual contributors and larger sponsors who are searching for events that will attract African youth.

This page will also provide you with a series of links and training materials to help your organization have a successful event and leverage what this even can do for you and your youth.

Feel free to email mail me directly with ideas, questions or to talk about special events you may have in mind. and SKYPE at @richardcclose.

We thought it would help everyone to share the responses to the most asked questions.


We are small with no budget. Can we do this?

Yes. We designed the social network for free so small projects, schools, missions and youth groups can have their own private page with their colors and pictures. You can even set up your own country groups.

The second big benefit is that this Ning system is tightly integrated with Google and other search engines. Make sure in the forms for you pictures, videos and comment you put your organizations name in the "Tag" box along with "I am Africa.This is my story..."  If you do that the entire world will find you. Try it: Google search Lusaka High School I am Africa.  Our goal that small groups should have the same power and reach as large ones. This is how you do it. 


How can I train internal staff to build the YouTube stories?

  • The best way is by creating  a single YouTube story together
  • Join the contest at
  • Download the Training “Guides” on this page
  • Create a free YouTube account and upload your YouTube videos
  • Place your YouTube video on the community Ning site

Can we use this to raise funds and sponsorships for our organizations?

  • Yes. Cyber Cafes, universities and schools all benefit with the contest YouTube videos and will help you with; classroom space and connection time. Resources can be just like funds.
  • Event sponsorships. We have created an event called “CyberYouth Day” designed to sign up African youth with emails and help them to create and upload YouTubes. These events are being looked at by large cell and ICT companies as a way to increase their customer base and volume of traffic. We will keep you informed on how they work out. However, we will share with you the materials and work with your local cell company or ICT on such events. We will share in these sponsorship funds with the local event organization.



Is there a way to sponsor the entire African campaign?

  • All groups that help with the promotion, training and marketing of the campaign will be listed as sponsors on the sponsor page.
  • Financial supporters will be provided banners in the lower section on the Ning Community
  • “CyberYouth Day” financial supporters with receive co branding signage depending on the size of the local program and budget of that program. This needs to be worked on with each sponsor.

How do we use this program to help our organization?

  • When you join the community and set up your page, do the following in “settings” and “Appearance” sections of the contest site.
    • Place your logo in the image for your face on your personal page
    • Change the page appearance colors to the same colors as your home web site and then link the sites together.
    • If you have multiple youth videos for your organization you can form a “group”
    • Invite friends and donors to the contest web site. You can actually invite them right into the group.
    • Link your contest YouTubes on your Facebook and YouTube pages
    • Advanced web users and marketers can download the field marketing guide at:


Is there a good video that can be used as a teacher’s aid?


How can we reward students, teachers, volunteers and Cayber Café’s?

  • Just that the student have successfully done video is a big reward
  • Storytellers all receive “I am Africa. This is my story…” StoryTeller Certificates
  • Helpers and teachers all receive “I am Africa. This is my story…” CyberGuide Certificates
  • Organizations, cyber café’s and schools become “I am Africa. This is my story…” CyberGuide Training Center.
  •  All that is required for any of these certificates is a complete story on YouTube submitted for the contest.


Is there a document of the original contest  for the contest that I can share with our sponsors of the board?



Can your team coach us with developing our “I am Africa. This is my story…” storytelling program?

  • We can help you with SKPE meetings with your leadership and developers
  • Collaborative bidding on funding for your group (CyberYouth Day is good for this)
  • Online webinars with classes or groups
  • Onsite lectures (This requires additional funding)
  • Helping you team up with other organizations in your country. We have a number of partners in Nigeria and Kenya.




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