Letter to Helpers

Dear Schools ICTs, Cyber Café’s and helpers,

Storytelling in Africa is the greatest of traditions and the impact of Internet social media is our youth’s greatest gift. We have joined forces  with UNESCO Power of Peace Network to not only provide you with a free storytelling curriculum but  free software tools as well. This contest will grow your business with free marketing and training tools.

Imagine your local community seeing their own story on the global Internet. This a grass roots movement of African pride.

As an IT organization, this program is designed to not only tell the story of your organization’s work in the life of a single youth, it will help grow your business as a multimedia  “CyberGuide”.

You can submit from one to hundreds of your students/customers’ videos on YouTube. Your Café or ICT will also have a free private web page viewed by people throughout Africa and the world.

You will receive free training andpublishing tools that can add services that you can use to help students and NGOs with the contest.

Each African youth digital story YouTube video is a powerful statement of determination, leadership and positive ethics. Not only do African youth and businesses need encouragement for the future of Africa, but the world needs to hear about it as well.

This educational contest is unique and exciting because the smallest orphange to the largest NGO will all be on equal ground telling how youth are being transformed. It represents not only a united voice for African Youth, but a united voice for those who help and work in Africa.  It will show that Africa’s people are remarkable and worth investing in.

As a “CyberGuide” Café or ICT you will receive:

  1. Free online training, a certificate, brochures and posters
  2. Free multimedia training curriculum
  3. Free digital editing software
  4. Free educational Social Network community web page

Together, let’s save some lives,

Richard C. Close
Servant – CEO, Chrysalis Campaign, Inc.


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