Dear StoryTeller and Helpers,

Every African youth has a story and is worthy of telling it.

As African youth, you have the right to tell the story the international press has failed miserably to tell. African youth are bright and shining stars, hard workers, resourceful, faithful to families and the foundation of Africa’s future.

There is no story greater than another. A young single mother who puts food on the table is as honorable as one getting a medical degree in the UK. Everyone plays a role in the story that is Africa.

The first reason to tell your story is that we want to teach you how to acquire the resources in the world through the Internet.

The second reason is for Africa’s youth to learn how to work and trust one another to achieve personal, family, community and country transformation through intelligent, ethical decisions. To encourage one another when things seem impossible and difficult. To see and hear the testimony of our brothers and sisters encouraging each other to take another step, that the impossible become possible every day. Together You are Africa and this is your story.

Only you can tell your story, but we can help with:

  1. Free social community and YouTube channel.
  2. Free customizable web page.
  3. Free Training material on how to tell a YouTube story.
  4. Free Story Tell Certificate 
  5. Materials on how to find people who will help you.

If would like to set up your own group, spread the word or recruit resources to help you, under the CyberGuide is a complete set of brochures and posters to help you get started.

Let’s hear you roar, “I am Africa. This is my story…”

Special thanks go to UNESCO Power of Peace Network for seeding us the funds to launch this project in 2011.


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