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"This is my story..."  offers Africa's youth, educators and organizations a way to tell your story to the world.

If you are an NGO or organization and want to leverage the resources of this community to tell your story to the world we highly recommend that you start by downloading for free our guide: “This is My Story…” Ning Social Community Training Tool Kit of Small NGOs.pdf


There are other free download guides to help you both produce, train and team up with friends to produce you own YouTube stories. 


If you are an organization there is a Field Marketing Guide that will help promote your organization to the world and your Internet community.


This programs started with the idea of African youth telling their own story. To present the real stories of courage, brilliance and the a chance to say thanks to the people who helped along the way. As we started producing the individual stories the vission of Africa's youth creating a new Africa we can only dream of began to unfold.

The story within our stories is that Africa's youth is breaking free of the old lies of poverty. In Lesotho we introduced a presentation on how technology and collaboration has this generation of youth seeing things completely different than any generation before them. Here is that presentation.


Goto Recorded Webinar: "Inevitable Impact of the Internet on African Youth"



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