Storytelling Software

Here are some tips on free editing software and training

Places you can go to learn


How to YouTube:


Movie Production Tools:

PowerPoint presentations with sound


Microsoft Movie Maker - See free download and tutorial

Camtasia eLearning – See free download (30 day trial) and tutorial


Free Audio Editing Software


Finding Additional Education Resources

One of the objectives of this program is to encourage the use of multimedia Internet technologies and African Youth working together on projects.

Another objective is to learn how to use the Internet as an educational resource. Here are two tips to help you find educational information:

  • On Google type in the search box “How to…” An example would be “How to use Microsoft Movie Maker” or “How to build a water pump”
  • On YouTube use the same type of search “How to use Camtasia” or  ”How to convert a AVI movie file to MWV.”
  • Try this: On YouTube and Google type “How to use Microsoft Movie Maker” in the search box and click “Search.” Look for the video with the highest views. That is more than likely the best one.

Lots of FreeWare

At this  you'll find the very best freeware programs each selected by our independent editors because of their quality and performance. Many of these programs are as good as or better than their commercial counterparts so why pay for what you can get for free?



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