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Three revolutionary trend of the internet

 A friend going to a Internet Governance Conference asked what to look for:

  1. Poverty - It breaks the cultural values of isolation and lack of resources
  2. Democracy - Throughout the world the Internet has created a collective based on democratic principles
  3. Development - The internet gives the individual access to international resources, banking and logistics. This makes African youth multinationals

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Honest Resolutions for African Governments on Youth Engagements

Governments to incorporate youth employment goals into comprehensive employment policies and to stimulate broad-based employment-intensive growth as the best means of creating employment for young people.  In particular, four areas are highlighted for national action:


  • Employability: the need for governments to invest in education and vocational training for young people, and improve the impact of those investments;


  • Equal opportunities: the…

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We vote

"You may not think God is not looking at your corruption, but the truth is billions of youth with cameras are. God will judge, and we vote"

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Photo Gallery showing In New Canaan CT


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Posted White Paper "Democracy & Global Web Education" by Richard C, Close

Democracy and Global Web Education 


The mentality of Colonial/Industrial Education is when a superior/expert group imparts their knowledge down into theworking classes/cultures. Democracy in Education has the masses fully empowered to explore,…


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A sustainable world can be defined as a condition where all peoples of the world are provided with the means of overcoming the helplessness and misery arising from absolute underdevelopment: lack of food, shelter, health and environmental protection.

The World Summit on sustainable development (WSSD) Johannesburg, South Africa in 2002 was considered the highest ever international gathering to discuss the future of the Earth. The “Magna Carta” of the environment was attended…


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Zambian farmers to use SMsize Internet based platform to improve their productivity.

Despite its potential, the agricultural sector in Zambia has performed below expectations.  One of the factors that have been repeatedly mentioned as responsible for this dismal performance has been weak research-extension-farmer linkages.

However, this will be a thing of the past as Zambian farmers will…


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Event and workshops for mass signup of African youth and small business for Internet resources "I am Africa. This is my story..."

We are looking to return to Africa for providing free workshops on how to leverage the internet to: Empower youth from poverty, grow small business and educate community leaders on how the Internet can help community growth. The strategy is to launch an event that will encourage large sign up of youth and small businesses for Internet services and provide free workshops in schools and universities.

This event is the logical extension to our current YouTube…


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