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Why is business and schools still separate?

How come we are not educating youth to create jobs rather than turn them out to find ones that may not out there? Why have youth working part time in a trade by the age of 14 and 80 % by the time they are 18? How come the last two years of college the student is not working part time in their profession.

How come every town does not have an Adult Learning Center to educate people out of poverty and into business or agriculture? How come students with ICT skills are not interning in…


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Finally NGO Toolkit is posted “This is My Story…” Ning Social Community Training Tool Kit of Small NGOs

Free Download Training Tool Kit

“This is My Story…”

Ning Social Community Training Tool Kit of Small NGOs 

“This is My Story…” Ning Social Community Training Tool Kit of Small…


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African Photo Benefit at White Silo Sherman CT Reception Dec 19th 1PM

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Global Education Conference 11-12 Presentation in Africa


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Fall 2012 Projects Update and Resources Links

News Letter and Resource Links

As my family surfaces from chopping wood to keep the house warm from Hurricane Sandy I am remind at how dealing with electricity and Internet access is a daily experience in places like Africa. After two days without power I am drowning with hundreds of requests for information. In that we are very small, we are placing all our project information and resources within the links of this email. As many of you know these programs empower…


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Webinar: "Nigeria Digital Literacy for African Business Leadership"

Nigeria Digital Literacy for African Business Leadership

This webinar will provide Nigerian business leaders with Internet methods, resources and simple techniques about how to find and use global business resources. We will illustrate how Internet resources have transformed African business and the role African business have in their communities. We will also show how we can move from educating people for jobs into a new engaged generation that “creates”…


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I would be so excited if my noble fellow members "This is my Story" seriously team up with me to help organize a one day non residential workshop for some selected members for a few districts and municipalities in Ghana.

The workshop will strengthen Teachers with maximum skills and knowledge .

For further information please contact me on +233208219508.E-mail

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Resources of Chrysalis Campaign Program Learning Platforms, Methods and Technologies

Presentation Slides…


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.....of the Global Peace Games for Children and Youth 2012.

Children and Youth gathered at Chigongorelo primary school in Dowa District run around to play and enjoy their right to a childhood. Children all smiles and their echoing laughter characterise the day. Children from the age of 8 came together to commemorate the "Global Peace Games for Children and Youth 2012". All faces seemingly happy and in peace hiding the fact that these children face a number of problems.

Center for Youth and Development (CYD) organised the event to give children…


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Rescue Mission Learning Center program ends

I t is with great sadness, that due to budgetary reasons, I must leave the Bridgeport Rescue Mission Learning Center. However, we witnessed great success in the development of a large body of curriculum for others to use. We have developed and tested the integration of Internet media and Adult Learning…


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A life Journey

Things have been happening, not just things, lots of great and bad things. Anyway I am not here to remind you of that, today I just thought I should write here about "A life Journey" which is basically just a journey through life, we all journey through this life, we encounter the good and the bad, each day has got it's own challenges, losses, victories, disappointments, it's just full of everything; that is life for you.

In my life I have been through a lot just like you…


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A day for woman (dedicated to all the woman out there)

Quiet, come and collected

Filled with love, respect and all you can think of

Precious at heart, It's just as you see it

Brightening a day is…


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Uganda Community Development Digital Literacy Program Launches

Pastor Hassan, OPEN HEART ORPHANAGE MINISTRIES supervises about 1,000 small to medium size churches in Uganda and sees the opportunity to use them as community training centers. We are starting our Community Development Digital Literacy program with him.

On Saturday Aug 10 we started with a Gotomeeting webinar that had excellent connectivity. Just our luck on the second day the power was out in the building so everyone crammed into his…


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Will Africans pursue the revolutionary American Dream or the current US Consumerism?

When we do our workshop for “This is my story…” in Africa we are consistently approached by youth with the statement of “We want to be just like the US.” Our gut reaction is, No you don’t. The current US may not be the America they might think it is. The powerful Christian values within its revolutionary constitution designed to crush colonialism gave birth to a new land for families in a new democracy That idea was replaced by a modern concept of “Consumerism” in the mid fifties. The…


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Kenya Fluorspar Primary school

Iam suggesting that Fluorspar Primary school in Kenya be part of this initiative to enable their pupils have a chance to participate in the program by writing their stories. Thanks.

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Webinar Recording is online: "The Birth of Social Flash Learning in the Global Collaborative and The Global Learning Framework

The Birth of Social Flash Learning in the Global Collaborative and The Global Learning Framework


2012 Social Learning Summit Recordings:

The 2012 Social Learning Summit was held last Saturday, and the recordings from…


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Since its founding in 2006, Twitter has rapidly grown to be one of the most powerful online platforms for connecting hundreds of millions of individuals and organizations around the world.   While the estimates vary, Twitter estimates they have over 100 million active monthly users of the platform and almost 500 million registered Tweeters, with several hundred million…


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UNICEF’s Progress for Children 2012

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When we viewed the statistical data through an equity lens we found pockets of adolescents at further risk: the youngest mothers, adolescents belonging to ethnic minorities and living in rural areas, those with disabilities, injecting drug users at risk of HIV infection, adolescents with mental health issues, and boys living in certain regions and countries of the world where the threat of gang violence is particularly…


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Tole Tea Workers Leading the Fight for Social Justice

For the past four months, if you take a walk or drive by the Labour office in Buea, Cameroon , you are bound to see over 500 people (mostly women 40 or older), sleeping, sitting or lying outside on the ground in the dust or on concrete. At the main entrance to this building, placards are hung…


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