A day for woman (dedicated to all the woman out there)

Quiet, come and collected
Filled with love, respect and all you can think of
Precious at heart, It's just as you see it
Brightening a day is the best she can do
Giving life to this world is a gift she never lost

Born with strength you can never see from the outer
Raise with abilities that can never fail your future
Feed with love, understanding and wisdom
Groomed with a future that never fails to see beyond the future
Who are you, where did you come from

An image of God a part of Godliness
One that fulfills the world with her life
She stands alone unique in her image
Excelling in ways no man can ever think
Fulfilling a vision no man can ever do

For she is her who stands today
everything so beautiful only she cam make it
Everything organized only she can do so
Always thinking ahead who can do it better than her
She is stronger than she looks and softer than she is

I am talking of a precious rose that can never die
A light that can never die nor dim my future
Beauty that for ever remains in this world
A vessel love, care and hope
There is one and can never be other "A woman"

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