Things have been happening, not just things, lots of great and bad things. Anyway I am not here to remind you of that, today I just thought I should write here about "A life Journey" which is basically just a journey through life, we all journey through this life, we encounter the good and the bad, each day has got it's own challenges, losses, victories, disappointments, it's just full of everything; that is life for you.

In my life I have been through a lot just like you and him and the other one, but the challenges we meet always differ, my life journey is not at all like yours, sometime they maybe be similar but I know it for a fact they can never be the same coz we all take things differently and we all can stand different challenges, some we loose some we win. As human we always ask ourselves certain questions, why me, do I deserve this, when will I ever get through, etc. All these questions are just part of life, your life, my life and his/her life!

Sometimes we get through a time when we have so much good time that we forget there can be bad times as well, sometimes we just ignore the bad time and live in our dreams. But the fact is that life can be a dream but there is also reality and that we can not run away from. When reality strikes we turn to go down like a mountain, when we dream we turn to wish it was true, that is also just part of life. I have lived in a dream for a while and I have also lived in reality for a while, these two go hand in hand, they are just helpers of each other, one can't survive without the other.

Have you ever asked yourself which world you live in, a dream world or a real world? Which one do you hold on to, more than the other, your dreams or the reality? To me that doesn't matter, all that matters is the balance between the two. We can dream but also have to know that we have to bring the dream world in reality, that is what we do every day but we fail to understand that not every dream can be brought in to the real world, not every dream brought in to the real world will be successful, however if not successful it's always easy do take it back into the dream world and re dream you dream, fix the mistakes and put it back into reality.

We all have to come to a point where we understand that life is a journey and you never know what, who, how, and when you will meet something or someone on the way, you can never tell what kind of  thing, person you will meet, what characters they will have or what challenges they will give you. But all we can stand on is one, "what ever I meet, I am ready to take it up and if it may happen that I am hurt on the way there is always time to heal" that is life, that is the life we live. So why cut off your journey when you can re-dream, why give up when you can re-dream. I see no reason, they only thing I will say if you give up is that you have defeated yourself.

Albert Einstein once said, "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." How true can that be, each person has their own journey to travel, if you want to travel mine just forget, if you want my strength just forget. We all differ, maybe I am not such a good writer, but I know I can always talk sense into your head, maybe I am not a good thinker but I know I can put a little motivation into you. Just think, if we all had the same mentality, gifts and skills, what would make you unique, what would give you that special feeling, the truth is "nothing". So just live with what you have and know that it's part of your life journey, don't ask why it's happening to you. Anyway who should it happen to, you can see it's on your path, it was made for you coz you can handle it.

So life is a journey, you never know what to expect but I want you to know, it was made for you, and you will know once you have reached the destination. So now lets just pack our bags with all the things we think would help on the way. Wish you all the best on your journey, maybe it will be easy maybe not, but yours can never be the same as mine. For the last tip, never judge another person with your own abilities and strengths, remember your were created for a journey that is different from his/hers, what seems easy to you may be hard on them and what seems hard on you may be easy on them.

Let's go for it, it's a path made for you!

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