Teachers shall regain their place of glory in the world. Teachers, who mold the next generation in every which way are underpaid and underrecognized. It is high time we changed that.

This year, I volunteer my services at Santa Cruz Higher Secondary School, Fort Cochin, Kerala, India. From the school, I plan to connect with educators all over the world to help my learners here gain knowledge about different cultures, that we are all the same, connected through a web of love, caring and sharing.

In my project, students here shall demonstrate how to make waste paper garden pots, plant a sapling in it in honor of the teacher we connected with. The sapling is planted at the school garden. After 100 days, the plant is given away for adoption to a student whose family takes care of the plant. 

We request our online colleagues to plant a sapling at their end as well - TreeTwinning as we call it.

This activity also helps in spreading tourism prospects of a country - as teachers, their friends and families visit homes to share the fruits of love. School wikis, blogs and other social media tools show the whereabouts of the plant, helping students integrate their ICT skills with their own story.

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