Africa Journalism Community Learning System


This document is to announce the development of a free, countrywide Somaliland-Somali digital Journalism Community Learning System (JCLS). This Internet educational community is designed to unite NGOs, government agencies and global resources with community educators for purpose of uplifting journalism in localized freedom of expression.  Launch is forecasted by June  30th, 2017.

This document is a request for strategic partners that would be interested in offing training and support at a local level.

The JCLS will be achieved by integrating pre-existing applications in social networking, eLearning, YouTube with global content, organizations and African youth. This document states that the Chrysalis Campaign, Inc will self-fund the development of the launch of the system and project.

The JCLS will be freely available to all educators, schools, NGOs and government agencies without charge. Being a collaborative learning environment (because learning is a social process) we look forward to the JCLS unifying the efforts and projects of these agencies there strengthening both local peace and commercial development efforts.

We will leverage what we developed and learned in the launch of the UNESCO PPN seeded digital storytelling, workshops and cyber community “I am Africa. This is my story…”  We already have the interest of the international press, local Universities, and youth groups. The value of developing an independent JCLS is that all can collaboratively benefit from one system without one group dominating control of content.

Somaliland and Somali youth need digital literacy and professional grade Journalism training in order clearly research and publish the life of the African people. Organization’s need an economical curriculum and tools to enable their students and member on how to deliver positive and ethical journalism.

Providing a platform for social expression with a training program placed in a box all the tools needed for African youth to motivated by their own creative ideas.

Chrysalis Campaign, Inc.'s timeline is to have the phase one test prototype completed by 6/30/2017. The launch will be the following month.

Richard C. Close, CEO
Chrysalis Campaign, Inc.

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