.....of the Global Peace Games for Children and Youth 2012.

Children and Youth gathered at Chigongorelo primary school in Dowa District run around to play and enjoy their right to a childhood. Children all smiles and their echoing laughter characterise the day. Children from the age of 8 came together to commemorate the "Global Peace Games for Children and Youth 2012". All faces seemingly happy and in peace hiding the fact that these children face a number of problems.

Center for Youth and Development (CYD) organised the event to give children an opportunity to commemorate and join the rest of world in the commemoration. CYD mobilised the event on 22nd September 2012. The Event brought together children and youths who played a number of games namely; football, netball, volleyball, bawo, nsikwa, Nguli and many others which were supplemented by talks on how various games can be used in the promotion of Gender Equality, women empowerment, ensuring environmental sustainability and combating HIV and AIDS.

This year's event was made possible by the individual committments of the members of CYD who work on voluntary basis and the individual children and youths who took time planning and provided their own resources to make the event possible. children made balls from locally available materials.

PLAY SOCCER founded the Global Peace Games in 2001 to promote a global network of children and youth committed to a culture of friendship, understanding and peace. The Global Peace Games are “grass roots” soccer games that take place under the initiative of PLAY SOCCER and are organized by organizations and communities around the world. The Games are linked by common themes and encourage children and youth to share and celebrate the values and skills they learn on the playing field through sport and to find peaceful solutions in their daily lives and communities. The Games take place in the fall of each year at locally scheduled dates around the time of the United Nations International Day of Peace (September 21st).

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