Rescue Mission Learning Center program ends

It is with great sadness, that due to budgetary reasons, I must leave the Bridgeport Rescue Mission Learning Center. However, we witnessed great success in the development of a large body of curriculum for others to use. We have developed and tested the integration of Internet media and Adult Learning into Christian learning programs and small group Project Based Learning with passionate and enthusiastic students.

I would, along with all the students, like to express our gratitude to the mission staff and especially donor/sponsors for making the dream of Learning Centers a reality.

In addition the team at BASCOM for their Global Chalkboard cyber library, filtering system and patient advice. This system provided unparallel quality learning experience and access to the world’s best learning sites.

We have seen women, fearful of computer technology, write breathtaking poems in a matter of hours and the building of YouTube channels with hundreds of Christian songs and poetry. We’ve seen those who are strong in technology encourage the novice and every class work in loving collaborative teams. We have been blessed with many tears, much laughter and great awakening. There was one who felt worthless restored into her medical career and another into the schools of Rwanda.

In the “Discover you gifts” curriculum, women and men for the first time discover what kind of learners they are and how they think in terms of their former jobs.  We have attacked bad habits in listening, media and even how to buy food.

Much of the theory and Adult Learning methods we used are credited to Joni Schwartz Ph.D. who developed the Downtown Learning Center for Brooklyn Tabernacle. There other from UNESCO and other Learning Centers who also contributed advice.

Without the trust and freedom provided by Nancy deMaille and Rev. Terry Wilcox  we could not have the break through experiences with students with these techniques and technologies.

On a personal note, the freedom to test new learning methods with the latest technology leaves us with a remarkable set of courses we can share with any mission. But of course, all of the glory goes to our Lord and Savior Jesus, the greatest teacher that ever lived.

Richard C. Close
Servant – CEO
Chrysalis Campaign, Inc.

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