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Our linkedin and other communities have gone viral well beyond 2,000 members so that is has become harder to keep up with the requests for our training materials and on Community Development for Digital Literacy or our Adult Learning methodologies. We thought it best to send out a resource letter for your records that you can keep, forward or delete.

In this email are links to sit in on our Uganda educator webinar and the evaluation of US Adult Learning Centers.

This invite/newsletter style email is designed locate the resources within the Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. programs of:

  1. Digital storytelling curriculum and Social Network “I am the story…”
  2. Educational Webinars Calendar
  3. “Community Development though Digital Literacy” Workshops for commu...
  4. Community Learning Centers Social entrepreneurial program for commu...
  5. US Adult Learning Web20 methodologies and curriculum.

Our Frequently Asked Questions for resources.

Q. We are small and have no funds, what can we use?

No cost community: The UNESCO PPN seeded “I am the story…” is an educational platform that combines field workshops with an Internet education social network. By joining the community at youth groups, educators and associations have access to downloadable workshops, training guides, student guides. Student can have their own blog and share poetry, writings, and make friends with youth in other countries. Link to training materials:

No cost training: Public webinars on our “Community Development through Digital Literacy” are broadcasted from We will be posted them under the Events tab. Because connect time is expensive you can also download the PowerPoints from the webinars under the training tab.

No cost web page: We are so small we do not have a web page. Can we build one or form a group in the Ning community?

You can set up private pages, NGO pages and groups in the “I am the story..” community at no cost. These pages are searchable from Google and other search engines.

We will also provide you with administrative rights to manage the people and content in your group. This is idea for teachers using the community as a way to teach digital literacy and publish writings.


Q. Are the workshops offered by Chrysalis Campaign in Africa?

Yes. We have launched them in Zambia and Lesotho in 2011. With funding we will travel to any country to teach workshops plus train the trainer programs that will certify you group to teach workshops. You can also fund our training partner Organization for African Youth in Cameroon.

In Uganda our current field webinar partner is Pastor Hassan Mubiru  At DCF. You support in providing them with more technology and facilities is needed.


Q. Will you share your strategic plans for Community Learning Centers?

Chrysalis campaign has land, local management donated to us in Nigerin Delta, Kitale Kenya and Livinston Zambia to establish Community Learning Centers. These are social entrepreneurial local business development compounds with community training facilities inside of them. We are looking for partnerships/investors to open them.

Q. Do you work in the US?

Yes We have developed two learning centers for men and women in US Homeless Missions New Life programs. This include complete Adult learning program and transformation UNESCO Life Skills outline curriculum to transform lives filled with addiction and trauma. More… Technology is from

Q. Do you share your education methods?

Yes Absolutely, Chrysalis Campaign education material is copyright protected however we share it not for profit settings. Methodologies of the Global Learning framework have been published in ISTE, Global Education Conference, Peace Journal and many blogs. All of our white papers, webinars and curriculum is located in the Global Learning Framework Ning.

Q. When is you next webinar? Can we invite others?

Internet Methods and Resources for African Educators & Community Leaders

Oct 6, 2012 3:30 PM (Kampala, Uganda) 9:30 EST New York Time
Duration: 1 hour

Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar Seat Now at:

Q. Do you provide custom workshops and consulting services?

Yes. Please contact us at

Stay encouraged and let's save some lives,



Richard C Close

Servant - CEO

Chrysalis Campaign

Cell: +1.860.248.5424


Chrysalis Web Site:

Twitter: @richardcclose






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